Arun Valley Trek

Arun Valley trek

 Are you in search of exploring the alternative Everest region route? Have you ever traversed the off the beaten path of Nepal? Witness the authentic Nepalese rural hilly to Himalayan environment via Arun Valley Trek. Most of the trekking trails which are famous in Nepal are from Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Manaslu but Arun Valley is completely a different detour to cover. Even though the trail touches Everest region trail as well the attractions, natural splendors and people are completely different. Mountain Path Treks always prepares itineraries and travel plans in order to provide newness as well as complete satisfaction to our guests. Therefore, this package too has meticulously designed itineraries that trekkers can find inner solace upon exploring the majestic landscape of Nepal.

From flatlands to highlands and from comfortable flight to world’s most extreme airport flight, the Arun Valley Trek offers all. Take a flight to eastern Nepal industrial city of Biratnagar. The alternative choice would be to take a flight to Tumlingtar but because of the climatic conditions and airport conditions the flight to Tumlingtar is unpredictable. The joyous hilly highway ride to Hille takes place and from this place the walking starts. Explore the terraced farmlands of Nepal and observe the agriculture system too. As trekkers travel the change in climatic conditions, socio-economic style of people, races of people and the forests peculiarity will surprise trekkers. Green lush vegetations of rhododendron, pines, junipers, fig and others are in abundance. Arun Valley is one of the largest valleys of Nepal. Therefore, trekkers can find diversified wildlife, people and alluring landscapes in abundance. Uphill and downhill trekking will definitely test the perseverance inside all. After all the hardship and interesting moments in the places like Guranse, Sanam, Bung, Gaikharka and Vasme Pangum Panya trekkers reach Lukla. The scenic flight will bring back to Kathmandu.

Book Arun Valley Trek with reliable team of Mountain Path Treks. Our support crew members and professionally created itineraries will ensure zeal, information and moments during trekking in Nepal. Explore best untainted and rarely trekked trail of Nepal. Witness wonders of Mother Nature and experience uniqueness of multiethnic culture of people during one trip of Arun Valley with us.

Trip Itinerary

Day 01 : Kathmandu Birtatnagar by fly about one hour and by bus to Hille stay.
Day 02 : Hille – Mongmaya Khola
Day 03 : Mongmaya Khola – Surtibari
Day 04 : Surtibari – Tumlingtar
Day 05 : TumlingTar – Kartike
Day 06 : Kartike – Gothey
Day 07 : Gothey – Phedi
Day 08 : Phedi – Gurase
Day 09 : Gurase – Sanam
Day 10 : Sanam – Bung
Day 11 : Bung – Gaikharka
Day 12 : Gaikharka – Vasme
Day 13 : Vasme – Pangum
Day 14 : Pagum – Painya
Day 15 : Painya – Lukla
Day 16 : Lukla to Kathmandu by fly


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