Full day Pokhara

Full day Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the important valleys of Nepal. It is also surrounded by mountains peaks and ranges. The view of the mountains is clearly visible from any part of Pokhara.  Three of the world highest mountains, namely, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu I are close from the city. They are within fifteen to thirty miles from the valley. Such location gives it ample of sight around the city for perfect sightseeing.  Pokhara is also famous for adventure tourism.

Pokhara day tour can be very much relaxing, there are lots of attractions. After observing sunrise from peace stupa or from Sarangkot, they can travel around the city. The valley is also called as the city of caves; there is Mahendra cave, bat cave and numerous others. The story behind each cave is fascinating as well. Davis falls is very popular waterfall; it certainly excites people of every age group. Mountain museum is among those destinations that cannot be missed. It showcases various mountain equipments facts, maps, mountain climbing gears of famous mountaineers, lifestyles of Sherpa’s and many other castes of Nepal. Lakeside is somewhere you can take and walk and relax. The environment is so much lively. One can enjoy boating in Fewa Lake. Like other cities of Nepal, it has also got various temples and monasteries. There is perfect blend of natural and man-made attractions in Pokhara.

Adventure tourism is one very important aspect of Pokhara. Ultra light flight from Pokhara airport offers the thrilling time in the air, the aerial view of Pokhara, lakes and mountain ranges certainly increases the adrenalin. Paragliding from hill of Sarangkot is another exciting thing to do. World highest elevation zip flyer is also another attraction. There is also the place for bungee jump which is another exciting thing to try. Hiking and cycling can also be done in the various hills of Pokhara.

If you want to see so many beautiful landscapes of Hills Mountains, waterfalls, caves, temples, monasteries, lakes and at the same time enjoy the adventure sport, then Pokhara is the answer for you. Pokhara provides unique hospitality and wonderful experience.

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